Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Knitting be my nemesis

FIrst off- I rarely have more than one WIP at a time. Been crocheting for 6 years, and I always worked on one project (albeit obsessively) until it was done. Then, I decided to learn to knit.

Oh, for the good old days...

Now I decided to pick up knitting specifically because I knew that there was one yarn item in the entire world that both me and my bf could agree is awesome. And cannot be bought in stores at all. The one item I could make him that I know he would proudly show anyone with interest. What is it, I hear you ask?

Okay, so no one's asking, but I'm still gonna tell ya. Muwahahaha.

That item is a Dr. Who scarf.

Now I know people have crocheted them. But I'm not such a die-hard crocheter that I couldn't recognize that to do this right, it needed to be knitted. It needs to have that lovely ribby look only knitting can give. There's something so...I don't know...english about it. Can't explain it.

So I learned to knit- to make this one project! It wasn't the first thing I put needles to. I did a few practice scarves to try and even up my tension. It ain't bad now (not great, but who can tell in something this huge? It'll stretch anyway.) I drug (invited) boyfriend with me to Hobby Lobby and we spent an hour picking out the yarn colors. I had printouts and patterns from the BBC and fans, but I knew I would not be making an exact copy of the original. For starters...those 70's tastic colors just aren't around anymore. Besides, I don't want it to be hideous, just wacky. Plus I was limited to cheap acrylic yarn. C'mon, this many colors at 2-3 skeins each? Can't afford more than that.

Started it and got 7 feet along in a month or two. 10 feet or so to go. Wanted it for winter. Have I worked on it in the past month? NO

I, the one WIP wonder, put it aside. Decided to go through my three-box-big stash and use up some stuff making charity items for the holiday season. Temporarily, of course. Got surprised at the fun stuff in there, starting whipping out crochet goodies for friends and strangers. Got re-aquainted with the almost instant gratification of the small crocheted FO. And now I can't stop. I can't go back from quick and easy /stashbusting /gift making /crochet-is-so-much-damn-faster-than-knit joy and go back to the Dr. Who scarf. I only have one other WIP at a time...but that scarf is languishing there.

Why did I put it down and stop feverishly trying ot make progress with my slow knitting self? Because I calculated that at my slow pace (10 rows an hour), if I worked on it 1 hr a day (all I can squeeze in without rushing my life too much) it would take me over a year to finish it.

Let that be your lesson. Never, ever figure out how long something will take to finish. Or it will never get finished.

I will pick up those needles again, I know. And I warned bf that this scarf would not be ready in anyone's forseeable future. In fact I picked it up to try and teach myself patience- to work at something in only the time I can easily spare and not put aside things to get a project done at any cost.

Yet I miss those days of proudly declaring "I have no UFOs in my life."

Sigh. Knitting, you are my nemesis.

But I solemnly swear by the powers of Lion, Caron, Patons and all the others, that I WILL defeat you. And by that I mean finish this scarf.

And maybe figure out this increase-decrease thing for later :)

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