Friday, November 17, 2006

Intro time

Well, until I can get some crochet pictures up here, might as well introduce myself. I'm 23, graduated from college in 2005 and have been surviving in the "real world" since then. My job? Not interesting, and probably won't exist soon. Eh. My hobbies? Crochet, of course, as well as reading whenever I can (I've been on a non-fiction kick for a few years) and watching lots and lots of movies. This happens when you've been dating a low-budget filmmaker for years.

I also dabble in other crafts and am in the long process of trying to learn how to cook. Also want to learn to sew, embroider, make more complex crochet projects, read braille, bake awesome goodies, and lose some serious weight. Ah, could there be a conflict between those last two? Mmmmaybe...

Fortunately my overwhelming urge is to make or learn everything, not to consume everything. Usually if I bake it, I eat less of it than if it was store bought. Odd. But whatever works.

How long have I been crocheting? About five years, although I have stuck to such easy to finish projects that I'm still a beginner, really. And I am not a fibre snob. Except for some cotton items, everything I've done is acrylic. Yeah, I know. But I am not ashamed. Natural fibres feel great, but most of my crochet history has been during college and that first year with a job. Yarn money was just not a top priority. And if you crochet mainly to be able to pick up the hooks and make something bizarre, its nice to have a little bit of lots of colors in the same yarn sitting around. So ha! Acrylic can rule the roost if you let it. And c'mon, who hasn't cursed at a handwashable only garment in the past year? Easy care deserves more accolades.

Current projects? I am learning to knit. Haha! Hey, I love crochet, its faster and easier and more adaptable to my mad creations, but I want to be able to make anything I want to and that means knowing how to knit. The reason I bit the bullet? Making a Dr. Who scarf for my boyfriend. Crazy, crazy stuff. It needs to be 17 feet long, I've got 7 feet done and am putting it aside for a little while. I'm using this project to learn that not everything I start has to be done immediately. Most fibre freaks have too many WIP lying around- my problem is that I can't seem to leave even one unfinished to regain my sanity. So expect Dr. Who scarf updates occasionally until the sucker is done!

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