Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Holidays Update!

Pretty relaxed x-mas. I could get used to this 4 person holiday thang (me and bf went to mom and dad's house...and that's it). Very different from usual chaos.

Here's my holiday story: there is a toy/misc drive at work every year to get items for the local battered women's shelter and the kids there with their mom's. This year, with all of our jobs in peril, there was much less stuff in those boxes than there was last year. Well, one morning there was even less- someone on the cleaning crew stole some items out of the boxes. Remote control cars and baby blankets, it turns out.

Now, they knew it was someone on the cleaning staff b/c they tried to move teh security camera before they stole the items...but didn't realize that it was a wide angle lense and they were on film anyway.

I got really upset about this, ranted about it on the 'ville and to an online/in town friend who's on the 'ville as well. She offered to donate some items she'd made, and to pick up a few new toys at Wal-mart. I also dragged/invited my bf to a walmart toy run in the official capacity of chaffeur, but he ended up buying half teh presents (go bf!)

Well, my 'ville buddy didn't just donate a few things. We're talking a huge bag of toys, as well as a huge pile of hand crocheted blankets, lapghans, onesies, cuddly little dolls...just tons of stuff.

My friends generosity turned a few stolen items into a larger pile of goodies than everybody together had donated thus far.

There's a holiday miracle there for ya, regardless of what you are or are not celebrating today.

Take car of each other, y'all. :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Tapestry Pieces

Been trying out tapestry crochet lately, so I did a MST3K piece b/c I loved the show and it is a two color design:

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The world needs more MST3K crafts, especially MST3K. Are ya with me, folks?

I then wanted to try a 3 color piece, so I did this small patch of a Red Shroom from super mario bros:

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And b/c I run with a gaming crowd and my bf loves Mortal Kombat, for a bigger (but still only 2 color) piece I did the Mortal Kombat logo:

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This one is special because not only is it an awesome logo, not only do all my friends love MK, but...I met the dudes themselves! Daniel and Carlos Pesina agreed to guest star in Press Start, and as the unofficial makeup person (read: girl) and prop diva, I got to meet them and smear greasy makeup aaaaaall over 'em. They didn't kill me. Daniel was Johnny Cage and Scorpion/Subzero/other palette swaps, and Carlos was Raiden.

Yes, I put makeup on Johnny Cage for a movie.

Ah, it's a fun world :)

Saturday, December 9, 2006

My favorite picture ever

I went to ireland about two years ago, and at one point while looking over a cliff a guy came up with a 3 week old lamb (so he said). I had to hold it. I needed a picture. is me holding a IRELAND!!


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"Can I have some wool when you grow up?"

Crochetville ROCKS

I recently posted a rant on Crochetville and got so many kind words back...:) If you haven't been there, you gotta check it out- the warmest fuzziest place on the planet. If you are from the 'ville- I love you guys!

In other hooker news...I've been stashbusting like mad and will probably be slowing down quite a bit. Made two scarves for my mom, a bunch of snowflakes, the snow princess purse (below), a bunch of other purses, dress scarves, a hat, a bunch of crochet washclothes, 2 knitted waschclothes (including one with a knit/purl design of a bunny) 11 comforghan squares (for three different causes) and have mailed out some of the stash I didn't want to other folks on Crochetville. I don't have a lot of pictures, and the ones I do have will have to wait- the camera isn't mine, you see :(

I have actually picked the Dr. Who scarf again, too! Go me.

I will now probably put it down for awhile in order to make 8-bit video game character sprites out of perler beads. I've made some, they've gone over great with the I might make more as a x-mas (or end-of-movie-going-to-magfest) surprise. Happens about the same time anyway.

I'll try to get pictures of those up many pictures

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Snow Princess Purse

Hey, betcha forgot this was a crochet blog, all you people not reading it! But ho! I do see a crochet project below!

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I had a couple of spools of mason line laying around that I bought super cheap, and had been turning them into snowflakes. Got bored of that, and figured this super shiny white nylon cord might make a nice purse. And that purse needed a snowflake.

It looks quite shiny and frosty in real life. It has no handles...because I couldn't think of any that looked good. But hey, not bad for a couple of lunch hours, using about $2 worth of clearance sale supplies, eh?

An open response to Crochetme's "Freaky" afghan

Dear Internet,

If you've seen the latest issue of Crochetme, you've seen the Freaky afghan. You've probably also noted it's somewhat controversial nature. My problem isn't with the afghan- I think it's a dumb joke, that's all. I have no problem with people cursing around me casually- but I'll save that diatribe (although being cussed out is different).

However, someone didn't like the afghan and left a comment. The designer sounded off a rapt rejoinder that I felt someone needed to respond to. The designer basically tried to make themselves out as a person persecuted by "judgmental people", tried to make people dissaproving of swear words equal to religious persecution, and then invoked the bill of rights specifically as the document making all good citizens responsible for fighting for the rights of people to say exactly what we disagree with. I have a problem with people invoking the bill of rights and freedom of speech while acting offended that someone disagreed with them on something that was intended to create controvery.

She also mentioned that she would not attack the poster, but the poster wasn't afraid to call her names. Except...the poster did not call her names. In any case, such a response was very aggressive and unprofesional and very obvious about it.

The following was a comment I left on the site in response to the designer's comeback to someone's dissapproval of the afghan. The comment was deleted according to Crochetme's policy, so I'm putting it up here.

"Maria- you are right, humour is subjective. And controvery happens. And yes, the Bill of Rights is the best thing we have in this country. It's what makes me proud of Americans- that they will fight for it. And I have no problem with swear words in my own life, just so we're clear.

But from what I can tell, the post above didn't call you any names, and was just telling you of their feelings. Strongly, yes, but no blatant name-calling.

Like you said, the bill of rights is about fighting for the right of people to disagree with everything you hold dear. That's what this person was doing- disagreeing with your humour and questioning its validity. They didn't deserve being termed a "judgmental" person just because they were offended. Your pentacle example was a bit alarming in the reactions you got...but this person who posted is not everyone who ever criticized you. It's not the same issue. Could it be that you really aren't open to people disagreeing with you?"

I don't think anyone will read this, ever, but I wanted it up somewhere. And Crochetme is completely within their rights to delete comments according to their policy- their site, their rules. I also do not have a personal problem with the designer. I don't think it was an offensive afghan. I just don't like how a rather sophmoric and shortsighted response to a poster can be left up as a reprimand for everyone to see without anyone being allowed to challenge it. Oh, and I love a good argument.

Respectfully yours,


Monday, December 4, 2006

I was beat up by Ninjas!!

Okay, so I have a tendency to go for dramatic titles. But, in a way, it is true. One benefit of a crazy life is you get to have funky blog titles.

Last weekend the bf asked me if I could be a minion/goon for shooting Sunday. Basically, there were supposed to be extras but there weren’t. So actor #1’s girlfriend volunteered to be a goon and I did too, knowing that it was crunch time. Little did I realize at the time this meant putting on a large vinyl mask with black mesh over the eyeholes and running and jumping and fighting in a dark warehouse. Oh, and I’m practically nightblind…and I was “fighting” a blackbelt…and I had plastic weapons and he had metal. It is fun to live my life.

Not that we were in a real fight (I’d be dead) but it was kind of funny to try and do impromptu fight choreography with card carrying ninjas when neither of us “goons” had any natural ability in fighting whatsoever. We managed to do pretty well, considering we couldn’t see our opponents and had no idea what the heck we were doing. And we didn’t get majorly hurt considering we were blocking metal axes with plastic shields (that can bruise, my friend, that can bruise. As can fake dying on cement floors over and over and over.)

So I’m bruised, but proud. I fought ninjas. And I am very much not a ninja. But I am willing to wear goofy outfits and hop around and grunt and yell and wave my arms and walk like a gorilla and attack someone with a plastic sword (knowing that they are armed and are themselves a registered weapon) and then flop onto the ground and die over and over.

Oh, I do so love the low-budget movie making.

It doesn’t matter if you’re good (at least for the goons) It matters if you are willing to hang in there and make a big giant fool of yourself. Because when you feel like an idiot is when it’s starting to look right on camera. Funny how it works.

Plus I got treated to free Steak n’ Shake afterwards, and they have a new dark chocolate fudge shake for Christmas and it is nifty-licious.

I take pride in my willingness to do what no sane woman would do. And I didn’t do it just for my bf’s sake (although that was a big part of it). I did it because it was a BLAST!! I was tired, bruised, hungry, cold and one heck of a crank the next day (4 hrs sleep or so before a regular 8-5 workin’ day), but I am so glad I got to be part of it. It was great, and I will forever take pride in how hard I tried. I am a crazy yarn-totin’ ninja-fightin’ woman.