Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

Well, against all odds me and the bf got up at 4 am this morning, got ready, and headed to Best Buy. We decided that we would be there at 5 am for the opening of the doors, but we were not going to wait outside in a line for hours beforehand. There's only so much early morning insanity we can take.

Since the line wrapped around the front, side, and back of the store with an extra little loop at the end, bf lost much hope. But I tend to rally when spirits are lowest so we hung in there, got in the store and grabbed what we came for- cheap mp3 players and jump drives for ourselves and family presents.

Here's my thought for the day. Wouldn't it be awesome if craft store, both chain and LYS did black friday sales? Think about it- waking up extra early, before the sun and the sane people are up, lining up with other crazy people and storming the store looking for great deals...but all craftylicious deals! Instead of being in lines for electronic stores or discount stores with all kinds of people looking for all kinds of things, we could be in a line of people who all share a love of craft-niftyness! Imagine ball winders, OTT-Lites, work tables as door-buster specials with decent deals on yarn and hooks and notions sprinkled thru the store?

Oh, that would be such fun. And the stores would make a killing- because we all know that while we were there to pick up a book or a winder of anything on a $10 discount, we would pick up $30 of yarn or more because we were there already, we needed it for a project, gas is too expensive to drive back, etc.

It'd be brilliant. Who's with me?

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