Monday, December 4, 2006

I was beat up by Ninjas!!

Okay, so I have a tendency to go for dramatic titles. But, in a way, it is true. One benefit of a crazy life is you get to have funky blog titles.

Last weekend the bf asked me if I could be a minion/goon for shooting Sunday. Basically, there were supposed to be extras but there weren’t. So actor #1’s girlfriend volunteered to be a goon and I did too, knowing that it was crunch time. Little did I realize at the time this meant putting on a large vinyl mask with black mesh over the eyeholes and running and jumping and fighting in a dark warehouse. Oh, and I’m practically nightblind…and I was “fighting” a blackbelt…and I had plastic weapons and he had metal. It is fun to live my life.

Not that we were in a real fight (I’d be dead) but it was kind of funny to try and do impromptu fight choreography with card carrying ninjas when neither of us “goons” had any natural ability in fighting whatsoever. We managed to do pretty well, considering we couldn’t see our opponents and had no idea what the heck we were doing. And we didn’t get majorly hurt considering we were blocking metal axes with plastic shields (that can bruise, my friend, that can bruise. As can fake dying on cement floors over and over and over.)

So I’m bruised, but proud. I fought ninjas. And I am very much not a ninja. But I am willing to wear goofy outfits and hop around and grunt and yell and wave my arms and walk like a gorilla and attack someone with a plastic sword (knowing that they are armed and are themselves a registered weapon) and then flop onto the ground and die over and over.

Oh, I do so love the low-budget movie making.

It doesn’t matter if you’re good (at least for the goons) It matters if you are willing to hang in there and make a big giant fool of yourself. Because when you feel like an idiot is when it’s starting to look right on camera. Funny how it works.

Plus I got treated to free Steak n’ Shake afterwards, and they have a new dark chocolate fudge shake for Christmas and it is nifty-licious.

I take pride in my willingness to do what no sane woman would do. And I didn’t do it just for my bf’s sake (although that was a big part of it). I did it because it was a BLAST!! I was tired, bruised, hungry, cold and one heck of a crank the next day (4 hrs sleep or so before a regular 8-5 workin’ day), but I am so glad I got to be part of it. It was great, and I will forever take pride in how hard I tried. I am a crazy yarn-totin’ ninja-fightin’ woman.

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