Friday, November 24, 2006

Oh, another thing...

Two posts in one day! Good for me :)

Just wanted to mention that Press Start, the video game comedy movie I help with/live with/work on, for which the fake commercial below was made (after I obsessively crocheted dolls for it...yeah, I'm sick I know) also has other nifty side things. Such as what, I hear you shout?

Such as an animated series! Yes, it's true! The writer and the editor get a scripts, find guest actors, record edit and animate a 3 minute cartoon every month. The new episode premiers the final friday of every month, which means the new one is up today. As an extra bonus, in this one my voice is added to the cacophony...I play the annoying little yellow guy (Zippy) who flies around incoherently.

Hope I don't get typecast...

If you're into videogames, go check it out at

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