Saturday, December 9, 2006

Crochetville ROCKS

I recently posted a rant on Crochetville and got so many kind words back...:) If you haven't been there, you gotta check it out- the warmest fuzziest place on the planet. If you are from the 'ville- I love you guys!

In other hooker news...I've been stashbusting like mad and will probably be slowing down quite a bit. Made two scarves for my mom, a bunch of snowflakes, the snow princess purse (below), a bunch of other purses, dress scarves, a hat, a bunch of crochet washclothes, 2 knitted waschclothes (including one with a knit/purl design of a bunny) 11 comforghan squares (for three different causes) and have mailed out some of the stash I didn't want to other folks on Crochetville. I don't have a lot of pictures, and the ones I do have will have to wait- the camera isn't mine, you see :(

I have actually picked the Dr. Who scarf again, too! Go me.

I will now probably put it down for awhile in order to make 8-bit video game character sprites out of perler beads. I've made some, they've gone over great with the I might make more as a x-mas (or end-of-movie-going-to-magfest) surprise. Happens about the same time anyway.

I'll try to get pictures of those up many pictures

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Aden said...

You are making a Doctor Who scarf!?!!
I really hope you can post pictures sometime soon. I would love to see how that is going! My boyfriend has been a Doctor Who fan since he was a teenager. (and he is an old guy now *wink*)

I am going to start on his Doctor Who scarf after the new year. I might have to come to you for support. :)