Friday, December 22, 2006

Tapestry Pieces

Been trying out tapestry crochet lately, so I did a MST3K piece b/c I loved the show and it is a two color design:

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The world needs more MST3K crafts, especially MST3K. Are ya with me, folks?

I then wanted to try a 3 color piece, so I did this small patch of a Red Shroom from super mario bros:

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And b/c I run with a gaming crowd and my bf loves Mortal Kombat, for a bigger (but still only 2 color) piece I did the Mortal Kombat logo:

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This one is special because not only is it an awesome logo, not only do all my friends love MK, but...I met the dudes themselves! Daniel and Carlos Pesina agreed to guest star in Press Start, and as the unofficial makeup person (read: girl) and prop diva, I got to meet them and smear greasy makeup aaaaaall over 'em. They didn't kill me. Daniel was Johnny Cage and Scorpion/Subzero/other palette swaps, and Carlos was Raiden.

Yes, I put makeup on Johnny Cage for a movie.

Ah, it's a fun world :)


Dani said...

The MST3K is excellent!

Hilary said...

that is so cute. i love MST so much

Sally Smith said...

Canyou put up a color chart for how you did this? I really want to make it

Anonymous said...

Hello!! Great job! can you share the pattern.. pleaseee :)