Wednesday, December 6, 2006

An open response to Crochetme's "Freaky" afghan

Dear Internet,

If you've seen the latest issue of Crochetme, you've seen the Freaky afghan. You've probably also noted it's somewhat controversial nature. My problem isn't with the afghan- I think it's a dumb joke, that's all. I have no problem with people cursing around me casually- but I'll save that diatribe (although being cussed out is different).

However, someone didn't like the afghan and left a comment. The designer sounded off a rapt rejoinder that I felt someone needed to respond to. The designer basically tried to make themselves out as a person persecuted by "judgmental people", tried to make people dissaproving of swear words equal to religious persecution, and then invoked the bill of rights specifically as the document making all good citizens responsible for fighting for the rights of people to say exactly what we disagree with. I have a problem with people invoking the bill of rights and freedom of speech while acting offended that someone disagreed with them on something that was intended to create controvery.

She also mentioned that she would not attack the poster, but the poster wasn't afraid to call her names. Except...the poster did not call her names. In any case, such a response was very aggressive and unprofesional and very obvious about it.

The following was a comment I left on the site in response to the designer's comeback to someone's dissapproval of the afghan. The comment was deleted according to Crochetme's policy, so I'm putting it up here.

"Maria- you are right, humour is subjective. And controvery happens. And yes, the Bill of Rights is the best thing we have in this country. It's what makes me proud of Americans- that they will fight for it. And I have no problem with swear words in my own life, just so we're clear.

But from what I can tell, the post above didn't call you any names, and was just telling you of their feelings. Strongly, yes, but no blatant name-calling.

Like you said, the bill of rights is about fighting for the right of people to disagree with everything you hold dear. That's what this person was doing- disagreeing with your humour and questioning its validity. They didn't deserve being termed a "judgmental" person just because they were offended. Your pentacle example was a bit alarming in the reactions you got...but this person who posted is not everyone who ever criticized you. It's not the same issue. Could it be that you really aren't open to people disagreeing with you?"

I don't think anyone will read this, ever, but I wanted it up somewhere. And Crochetme is completely within their rights to delete comments according to their policy- their site, their rules. I also do not have a personal problem with the designer. I don't think it was an offensive afghan. I just don't like how a rather sophmoric and shortsighted response to a poster can be left up as a reprimand for everyone to see without anyone being allowed to challenge it. Oh, and I love a good argument.

Respectfully yours,


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Anonymous said...

I went and looked at the pattern that you mentioned... I understand a bit why the designer would be a bit snippy, but what did she expect with a design like that? I swear a lot, but I would be embarassed to make something like that afghan.

Plus, the designer is a bit...touched in the head...She went off on a member of a crochet forum (cant remember which because the forum member gave another member the LINK to where they could PURCHASE one of the designers patterns directly from the designer. They didnt offer to give away a pattern, just gave the link where the other person could go and purchase a copy from the designer.

The designer pretty much accused both people of copyright theft (huh?!). There was never any mention by either person about anything resembling copyright theft.

Just from reading about that made me not want to ever use any of the designer's (Maria Merlino) patterns. Whether they're a free pattern or one you've got to purchase from her.

I think your comment to her was good, logical and professional sounding...something that the designer seems to need help with.