Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Holidays Update!

Pretty relaxed x-mas. I could get used to this 4 person holiday thang (me and bf went to mom and dad's house...and that's it). Very different from usual chaos.

Here's my holiday story: there is a toy/misc drive at work every year to get items for the local battered women's shelter and the kids there with their mom's. This year, with all of our jobs in peril, there was much less stuff in those boxes than there was last year. Well, one morning there was even less- someone on the cleaning crew stole some items out of the boxes. Remote control cars and baby blankets, it turns out.

Now, they knew it was someone on the cleaning staff b/c they tried to move teh security camera before they stole the items...but didn't realize that it was a wide angle lense and they were on film anyway.

I got really upset about this, ranted about it on the 'ville and to an online/in town friend who's on the 'ville as well. She offered to donate some items she'd made, and to pick up a few new toys at Wal-mart. I also dragged/invited my bf to a walmart toy run in the official capacity of chaffeur, but he ended up buying half teh presents (go bf!)

Well, my 'ville buddy didn't just donate a few things. We're talking a huge bag of toys, as well as a huge pile of hand crocheted blankets, lapghans, onesies, cuddly little dolls...just tons of stuff.

My friends generosity turned a few stolen items into a larger pile of goodies than everybody together had donated thus far.

There's a holiday miracle there for ya, regardless of what you are or are not celebrating today.

Take car of each other, y'all. :)


Anne-Marie said...

hola. Tis I! lol.

just thought i would note you since no one else has yet.
Very cool that your friend got all the Christmas stuff!
Hope you had a good one.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say Hi,,,,gonna link to your blog from my blog!!

*~*Fairy Godmother*~* said...

Hi! Crochetville certainly is amazing, isn't it? That was so awesome that your friend and you were able to do all that! This post is from an FGM at the 'ville! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, again! I wanted to let you know that you have been awarded the You Make My Day award, on my blg!