Friday, May 9, 2008

Okay, I'm back

Yeah, long time no blog right? Well, I'm back and I should be updating regularly again. No pics yet, but there is some crafting news...

I (supposedly) being published! I sold about 19 patterns to Leisure Arts a year or so ago, to be printed in a leaflet. Things got delayed, but supposedly it will still happen. It's all crazy stuff, of course.

I finished the Dr. Who scarf! Woot! It's 15 feet long. I stopped short to allow stretch room, since it's already long enough to go around the neck once and hit the calf, and I don't want it to stretch to the ground!

After a year or so of getting blown off by video game craft blogs, Sprite Stitch posted my Mortal Kombat square! Hooray! Extra fun, at least one Mortal Kombat fan spotted it and gave it a nod on another site.

Also, I am finally actually learning to knit- I've finally figured out increasing, which always threw me off. So now that I can knit, purl, increase and decrease, I'm officially a newbie knitter! Although that doesn't mean abandoning crochet.

Right now I'm broke and in stash-busting mode, but I hope to share some pics of the stacks of stashbusting goodies I've made, as well as the complete Dr. Who scarf.

Happy Crafting!

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