Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well, I've been not exactly flush with cash lately, which means a lot of stashbusting instead of stash enhancing. Luckily about a year ago a crocheting friend of mine (who had to move) left me boxes of her old yarn. So I've had quite a stash of yarn that's new to me.

Here's some of the products of the past year of stashbusting:

A ton of snazzy scarves


The three on the left are actually very soft and fluffy- that isn't fun fur!

I also made this funky thing, making up pattern stitches as I went

Textured Scarf

You can't see the patterns too well, but they're there :)

Some more odds and ends became this polka dot scarf...

Polka Dot Scarf

And the bits and pieces I still had became this stack of hats!


More stashbusting pictures soon, as well as some other more interesting bits.

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