Friday, May 9, 2008

Batman Baby Blanket

Some friends of ours spawned, and as the father is our bud and a Batman nut, I figured this was a good gift to make for his little girl:


Thanks to the Dark Lilac cross stitch pattern generator for spitting out the chart for this based on the Batman logo- I then chose baby yarn in what I think are appropriate baby colors. Tapestry crochet finished this off- it's about 4 foot by 3 feet. A weird size, but good for wrapping around the little tyke...and that's how the math worked out.

I realize this is now in classic Batgirl colors, which also seems appropriate.

I'm not a girly girl, not really into babies, but if a friend spawns and you're a craft geek, ya gotta do something appropriate, right?


Anonymous said...

So Cool! My daughteris having a baby in august and they want a Batman Baby room. came across your blog looking for ideas. Thanks

blogger said...

you wouldn't still have a pdf version of this pattern, would you? It appears Dark Lilac isn't online anymore, and I would love to make this for my friend who is expecting.

Anonymous said...


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Michelle said...

This is so nice- would love the pattern if you still have it- my son would love it

get outta my face said...

Hey! Amazing job!
I know this blanket is from several years ago...but I was hoping you might be able to help me out? You see, my mom is an avid crocheter/knitter and has passed her enthusiasm onto my three sisters. She tried with me but yarn and needles never made me smile. She has never given up though and recently two pals of mine, also supremely obsessed with batman, discovered they have a mini bat on the way and I'd like to make this for them. It'll make my mom happy to help me, my friends happy and therefore I will be happy. So if you might want to send along a pattern you might still have for this I'd be so excited. Let me know! Thank you!

Gisele Vienneau said...
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Gisele Vienneau said...

i am trying to make my boyfriend a batman blanket for christmas and while looking for a logo to use i came accross your blanket. it is absolutly perfect!!!! it is exacly what i was pictureing in my head (except his would be yellow and black lol). if you still have the patern and would be willing to share it with me that would be AMAZING!!! please help me out!! :) he has done so much for me and i was to do something special for him :) let me know :)