Thursday, June 5, 2008

Even More Tapestry Pieces!

Okay, clearly I love Tapestry Crochet. Or, more clearly, I love the sorta kinda tapestry crochet thingy that I do...true Tapestry crochet goes in one direction only, creating a slant. I turn around and go back and forth on each row, resulting in 1) no slant 2) slightly messy edges for the color changes.

It works for what I do.

Anyhoo, here's some more logo pieces I worked up for fun...

The Superman logo (as if ya didn't know)

Superman Logo

The TV logo from one of the best TV series ever, Home Movies

Home Movies Logo

I worked the text in rough cross-stitching on the tv background because I realized that bright orange yarn doesn't carry well behind white. It works okay like this I think.

Aaaaaand the logo from yet another of the best TV series ever (the folks who later did Home Movies)- Dr. Katz!

Dr. Katz Logo

I don't think there's craft fan art for Home Movies or Dr. Katz out there, so this was fun.

Not at all sure what to do with these now...or any of the other tapestry pieces I've done. They're literally sitting in a pile under the bed. Originally I was going to sew them together into a blanket, but with the gauges being so uneven and the Home Movies piece having all the stitches exposed on the back...I'm not sure if it would work. Any ideas?

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Katie Kutthroat said...

these are awesome.. im so adding you to my links on my blogspot!