Friday, March 13, 2009

Annoyed by blogger vanity...

Okay, this is bothering me-

If someone has a blog, it's their rules. I get that. Some of the "comedy" blogs are so bone-headedly wrong that I occasionally point out things out, and they block the comment. I get that- they don't want naysayers, they don't want people to realize what cruel and unfair fun is being had. (Ex: whatnottocrochet likes to take pictures of art student projects and hold them up to ridicule in the context of "why would you make this?"- um, it's an art piece, you aren't supposed to. But they don't tell the readers where they got it.)

It sucks that you can't point these things out to other readers, but I get it. Their blogs, their rules. And does it matter to their readers what I say? Of course not, I just like to complain.

I also get not allowing nasty comments on your personal blog. We get enough nasty comments in life anyway, and you really hav no reason to flame a persons just because you don't like them.

Here's what bother me- there's a blog I like to read. Won't name it. The blogger is fairly known in certain circles, but by no means a celebrity. The blog is a personal one, documenting the blogger's adventures. Often it contains a poetic lament upon things gone wrong.

The part that bothers me is that any time I try to post a comment that is not up to the shining "oh girlfriend you're so perfect" standard, it gets blocked. To the point of: the post under comment was about keeping one's hands busy making things for family to get through stress. I commented that that was good, but it's even better to make for charity sometimes- it really is a stress reliever and a way to help someone else too.

Comment blocked.

This often happens, to the point where I don't try anymore. The tone of my comment was inoffensive. No foul language. I didn't even use the dreaded "you SHOULD" phraseology. Just an honest suggestion that I thought the blogger could use- maybe think about donating some creations to help your peace of mind.

Blocked. Why?

Because every other post was along the "everything you make is so gorgeous oh my god I could never do that you are so talented I'm sure everything will be sunshine and bunnies for you" lines.

Ugh. This isn't the first blog I've read to have that problem, and I'm sure not the last. But it bothers me that these bloggers will talk about the "support" they get from their commenters, and the community and sisterhood and blah blah blah...but god forbid anyone see that anyone commented and WASN'T firmly smooching their behind with rainbows and kittens.

Basically, to block a comment is to reprimand the poster, in my philosophy. And I don't think it's good form to reprimand someone for not being over-the-top and praising you enough. If you only want that, don't allow comments at all, because all you're doing is creating a fictional world where only the shiniest of compliments exist for others to see and remark at how praised you are.

Sigh. Rant over.


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